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ChannelShipper Smart Pack

We understand that manually choosing picking, packing, and despatch options for every order can be a huge time sink. Smart Pack is a series of automation tools that to automatically add the right package format and shipping service to every order so you don’t have to.


Picking and packing lists

When your orders are processed and ready to go, we produce all the documents you need to show which products that need picking, and which products go with each package.

Alternatively, you can go paperless and view everything on screen.


Sales Dashboard

View key data about the success of your operation including your total orders and revenue, your top marketplaces, and your best-selling products.

Integrate your eCommerce channels

ChannelShipper connects to most major eCommerce webstores and marketplaces. Orders from all of your channels will import automatically or at the click of a button and we will mark them as despatched in store when they’re ready.

Feature spotlight

Despatch management

Discover Smart Pack - Your ultimate ecommerce solution! Easily link products from various stores, calculate exact weights, and optimize packaging for each order. Automated shipping rules ensure the best service. Track success with the Sales Dashboard. Effortlessly generate labels using PDA scanners. Simplify your business today!

Feature spotlight


ChannelShipper offers seamless integration with major eCommerce marketplaces, with regular updates for new integrations. Customize your integrations as per your needs. Integrate effortlessly with your systems using our API and spreadsheet import feature. Experience automated order cancellations in ChannelShipper when customers cancel their orders in your online stores. Simplify your multichannel operations today!

Feature spotlight

Order management

Streamline your order management with Smart Importer! Click to import orders instantly or set up automated imports. Display product variants and customizations effortlessly. Easily customize orders with tags for personalization and notes. Group and dispatch multiple orders at once. Seamlessly track orders from other couriers with added tracking details. Benefit from advanced automation through our API functionality. Simplify your workflow today!

Feature spotlight

Dedicated support

Count on our expert in-house team, available when you need assistance. Easily provide feedback and suggest future features with a simple click. Your input shapes our development, ensuring we deliver the features you desire. Your satisfaction drives us forward!

Frequently asked questions

Which eCommerce platforms can ChannelShipper support?

Our eCommerce fulfilment software can be used with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, EKM and Blue Park. If you’re not sure whether ChannelShipper can integrate with your eCommerce platform, get in touch with our team of experts, who will be happy to help.

What are the benefits of using eCommerce management software?

When running or managing an eCommerce business, time is precious. This means that any efficiencies achieved across the business can free up resources that can be better spent growing the business. If you save time, you save money and that all goes on the bottom line.

ChannelShipper makes fulfilling orders simple by automatically downloading them and putting them all on one screen.

What other services can ChannelShipper provide?

ChannelShipper can also seamlessly integrate your eCommerce platform with online marketplaces, like eBay, Amazon, Etsy and Not on the High Street. We recommend requesting a free demonstration to find out more.

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