Simplify your eCommerce operation

Take control with ChannelShipper, the premium despatch management and shipping solution.

Integrate your eCommerce channels

ChannelShipper connects to most major eCommerce webstores and marketplaces. Orders from all of your channels will import automatically or at the click of a button and we will mark them as despatched in store when they’re ready.

Connect with your own systems

Import your orders from any system into ChannelShipper via spreadsheet or API.
Import from multiple locations and link multiple workstations and printers with our ChannelShipper Desktop app.

Automatically add packaging and shipping services to every order

Our Smart Pack feature calculates the exact weight and the most suitable packaging format for every order, including those with multiple products.
Create shipping rules that pick the best shipping service per order based on criteria that you control.

Handle your picking and packing

Generate picking and packing lists to show exactly the right products and packaging for every order. Create your custom package formats and teach us how many products you can fit in each one.

Save costs by going paperless viewing all information on screen.

Manage your despatch process

Manage your order flow from import to dispatch, and generate shipping labels for orders individually or in batches on screen, when scanning the barcodes on any of your documentation, or directly via API.
Save your customs information, and we will generate any required customs documents. We also automatically send all electronic customs information on your behalf.

Integrate your Royal Mail OBA account

ChannelShipper’s OBA integration allows you to access your personal service agreements, and to perform end of day processes to send data to your OBA account for billing.
We keep up to date with the newest Royal Mail updates and services.

Coming soon

Map multiple SKUs to a single product within ChannelShipper

Advanced sales and product reporting including best selling products and despatched summary reporting

Update your orders in ChannelShipper when they are deleted or changed in your eCommerce stores

Want to try ChannelShipper?

We are currently in the early access stages of development. If you are interested in joining our programme and starting your 30 day free trial, please click here to get in touch.